Sree - Winter Season



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Dancing through the seasons
Sree is a feature length documentary about female empowerment through dance in the immigrant community within North America. Following the stories of four different women in different locations around North America, 'Sree' showcases how dance pulls these women away from their isolated and unhappy pasts when they first immigrated and pushes them to a fulfilling future. The Caleidoscope festival segment features of Sree features Jayshree, the second woman who represents 'Winter', and is a trained Bharatanatyam dancer who comes to America. Though happily married, she's unable to have children. After she adopts her children from India, she celebrates the adoption by using her dance skills to fund-raise for the orphanage her children came from. She melds her classical Indian dance skills to the tune of Western jazz music, bridging a connection from her past to her present home.

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