Robibaar (On a Sunday)


1H 54MIN

Availability ended 11/9/2020 3am EDT
Fifteen years after a messy, lacerating break-up, former lovers Sayani and Asimabha meet again. The wounds haven't healed, the past still rankles. As the day progresses, Sayani, gripped by deep misgivings, tries to leave, again and again. Trust, the foundational bulwark of all relationships, has gone missing between Asimabha and her. The only way the two can now be together is by striking a cut-and- dried, mutually self-serving deal.

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Directed by Atanu Ghosh

Written by Atanu Ghosh

Production Company Echo Entertainment Pvt Ltd.

Produced by Sandeep Agarwal
Jay Agarwal

Cast Prosenjit Chatterjee
Jaya Ahsan

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