Musaafir Hoon Yaaron (I am a wanderer)



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Positivity, Age, Traveler
The short film is an attempt to bring out the feelings of an old man who still has 'life' left in him and is staying at his daughter's home. It tries to bring out the feelings and longing of people in the old age and the idea of ‘home’. The film revolves around an old man's ‘bollywoody’ relationship with his maternal grandson which is the source of his liveliness and the will to stay longer. His daughter doesn't want him to be in a nursing home as she is discussing it with her brother.


Directed by Rishiraj Agarwal

Written by Rishiraj Agarwal

Produced by National Institute of Design Ahmedabad

Cast Gururaj Rao
Kamini Kala
Het Shah

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